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liking/going out with him but then realizing you dont have feelings and jump to another gy..

ok. so i have always been a person who guys dont like. im a girl and 17. every relationship always fails. i feel like its me, but on the other hand my friends say its not me. theyre witnesses. i have this issue i need advice. im a senior in highschool. so from 9th-12th now iv dated several guys in between. everytime i start to fall in love and like one and then it gets better and better by means of we talk, he askes me out, we start to get touchy and huggy and then kiss…. well inside my mind is chaotic. im getting mixed feelings. and usually after the 3rd week weve been hanging out constantly, i go man, i dont really like this guy anymore and i start on a another. i cant make up my mind. iv been told before by adults and etc, that if im this way rn i really shouldnt date. i need a break. iv also been told that im a senior now and to wait till college to find the right guy next year. im scared going off to college that i wont find someone since like iv said im not liked by many. im really caring, and sweet, and lovey, and funny personality, once you get me laughing i cant stop.. idk what to do about all this boy drama. help

  • Posted by HappyLittleCamper

    Maybe you like girls instead of boys but you dont know it yet

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi, my best advice would be to just let time pass before deciding if you really like him. Maybe you just need time to see if he really is for you before going for him. Remember to take things slowly. Good luck. 🙂

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