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Making a new friend…

So basically there’s this guy at school who I really want to become friends with. He’s sort of in the popular group, but he floats a but. He seems really nice and I know we have stuff in common – sports and academics. I’ve talked to him once before on the bus about soccer, but I didn’t introduce myself and the conversation didn’t a bit random and didn’t last very long. He’s really nice and if I started a conversation he works help keep it going, but I can’t bring myself to talk to him again.

  • Posted by Clarice Wright

    i would recommend finding out what he likes to do and try to talk with him about stuff he likes and i would try to join in some activities that he likes to do
    hope this help

  • Posted by Bella ❤️

    I have a friend like this. We began our friendship last year on the way to sport on a bus. I recommend hanging out with him and his friends for a little bit, and then when you feel like its the right time, ASK FOR HIS PHONE NUMBER or SNAPCHAT. I asked my guy friend for his number and he happily wrote it on a paper for me. So believe in ur friendship and everything will go smoothly, like my guy friend and I.❤️ Good Luck

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