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Menstrual cup

Hey Girls!
I have recently purchased a mentrual cup because I find pads very uncomfortable to sleep in and don’t want to wear tampons over night. The first time I tried to use it it just leaked but I think it had no room to fully unfold, I think I inserted it too high. So the second time I didn’t push it so high and I could feel it was mostly folded out but still leaked on one side a little.
I don’t know what to do and I really wanna use it please help me!

  • Posted by Miss Mack

    If ur not comfortable u probably shouldn’t use it! Maybe google or Youtube how to insert it properly?
    Also, what pads are u using? I find the goodnight ones that are made for sleeping really comfy.

  • Posted by Claire Ison

    Once you’ve inserted it you should twist it until you can feel that it has fully unfolded. You can’t really push it in too far because your cervix stops it from going too far but if it’s too hard to reach then you can leave it a bit closer. As long as it is properly unfolded and sealed, it shouldn’t leak at all. The punch-down fold seems to unfold the easiest, if you don’t know how to do the punch-down fold, just go onto YouTube. You could also run your finger around it to make sure it’s sealed.

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