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mum problems

okay so me and my mum havent had the best relationship for the past few years. in the past she has made me move schools simply because she did not like my friends, i was grounded 7 months alltogether last year and now shes grounded me again. However i dont understand or believe that ive done anything wrong… i went to a friends house n then went on a date and informed my mum on all the details (genuinely did not lie to her at all) and i got home and my mum got really abusive and started yelling at me calling me a liar and accusing me of sneaking around and going to a party. My mum and step dad would not listen to me explain my side of the story and they dont want to hear anything from me as its all “lies”. My mum was making comments such as “your a f***ing liar just like your father”. i dont know what to do anymore i feel like i live in a toxic environment especially because it happens very regularly. i want to leave home but im only 15

  • Posted by Hini W-t

    Hi Girl,

    I know what you’re going though. You could try talking to your dad or I know this is a big step but maybe just run away. If you have someone you can stay with and you have money and you’ll be safe then I think do it. But it’s up to you, maybe try talking to your mum when shes not in a bad mood.

    I hope I help a bit! 😘 Goodluck 💖

  • Posted by Grace Andrews

    Hi, please don’t run away. I know this might sound silly but talking to a helpline or councillor really does help. Maybe give your mum some space and chat to her later on. Stay strong girl!❤️❤️

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