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whe i say things to my mum like i posted this video on my story and i poked my tongue out and my mum was like delete it it’s a gesture. and i was like okay i will but it’s not a big deal only my friends follow me! the i said i don’t want to talk about it anymore and it was five second! like just leave me alone. what should i do? am i being to revealing, honestly i don’t think i am. it was tongue. i am growing up let me be? what do you guys think

  • Posted by o.sht.its.a.mario

    Ur fine. Your mom is just trying to protect you. I personally wouldn’t delete it but explain to your mom how you’re growing up and maybe she should “Loosen the leash”

  • Posted by NovaMc

    Aaaaa yes i SO wish my parents would just leave me alone sometimes! Just GIMME SOME SPACE mum!

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