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My Enemy

So there is this girl at school and I don’t really like her. She lies to fit in and it is getting really annoying. She also told me that three of my friends were really rude and bossy. And she brags all about herself. So me and my best friend told her that we didn’t really want to be her friend.
Apparently she said she didn’t care but we got to class she kept giving us weird looks and we could here her mumbling to us that she was so glad she wasn’t friends with us two. So she didn’t sit with us for a while. Until one day the teacher came past her and said why she wasn’t sitting with us. So she told the teacher on us so we got in trouble. And the teacher told her if she wanted to be our friend. And guess what she actually said YES. So now she hangs out with us so how should we deal with her even though she is acting like she doesn’t want to be her friend because she still does the same thing over and over.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Clarice,

    Issues with friends can be tricky! Especially at school when you have to see them everyday. Everyone has their own unique personality & sometimes they don’t always mix well with others.

    I’m sorry this girl is being not so nice to you & your friends. The best way to work things out, is to talk them out. Try explaining that the way she acts & talks about your friends makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps she just doesn’t know what she’s doing to make you upset.

    I’m sure she does care that you no longer want to spend time with her. That would explain the weird looks she gave you. If talking about it doesn’t help & you’re still not happy with the situation, you can always talk to a teacher & tell them what’s going on.

    The most important thing is to stay calm & listen, you don’t want to start a fight or hurt anyone’s feelings. I hope it all works out!

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