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My friends have moved schools!!

Hi my best friends have just moved schools and they’re always talking about their new friends when i hang out with them. How do i tell them that i feel left out when they do that?

  • Posted by Ellie

    It’s been a while since you posted this, I hope everything’s good now! I would say that if they’ve just moved schools they were probably very excited and it’s understandable for them to talk about their new friends a lot. But, I’m sure they’d understand if you mentioned in the conversation, just simply say you’re feeling left out, and they’ll probably keep it in mind from then on 🙂

  • Posted by Grace_gossipgirl

    Thank you

  • Posted by Anonymous

    This is also awhile after you posted, but I can see how this would be hard. I am in the opposite position, as I have had to go to a different school from my friends. I know it can make you feel left out, but just remember, dropping hints, or just telling them that it doesn’t make you feel included can help. I also understand that your friends will (Probably) not realise that they are making you uncomfortable, as talking about their friends might feel normal to them now.

    Hope this helped!

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