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my mood causing problems

in twenty-eighteen i had six close friends who i loved in a friend way, but in twenty-nineteen i started getting really moody. i was always really sad or angry and wanting to text fight with some of my friends. i’m twelve right now and i’m in year eight so i start highschool next year and all of my friends are inn year seven. i really miss hanging out with all my friends but my anger is getting in the way of my friendships. currently, one of my ex friends doesn’t live in the same country as me so i tend to text fight her a lot. i really want to make up with my friends this year but my anger is basically controlling me and my ex friends don’t understand that. any advice?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girl,

    Ah it definitely sounds like puberty & hormones are coming into play here! Try not to be so hard on yourself, we’ve all been there. One of the key signs of going through puberty is experiencing emotional changes, which is why we feel extra sensitive or irritable sometimes.

    As well as all the physical changes we go through, puberty also involves a few emotional changes. You may sometimes find that you’re super sensitive, a bit snappy & moody. It’s all totally normal! Our hormone levels change, which means our emotions can go a bit cray cray! Sometimes even the smallest thing can feel SO overwhelming. While it doesn’t make it okay or fair, It’s often that we take our anger & frustration out on the people that are closest to us! Have you tried speaking to your friends about how you’re feeling? This could really help, as they’re more likely to understand and forgive you if you open up about why you’re feeling angry. My advice would be to try & de-stress, so that you don’t feel overcome with emotions & anger.

    Some suggestions would be;
    – Spend time with your loved ones
    – Go for a long walk in the fresh air or even try some yoga (exercise does wonders for my mood!)
    – Have a bath or pop on a face mask
    – Have a little break from social media (even just for a day!)
    – Talk it out with your friends
    – Get some solid shut eye (nothing makes me more grumpy & emotional than not enough sleep!)
    – Have a big cry! It’s totally okay & normal to cry if there’s too much on your mind & it is important to express your emotions.

    Gem x

  • Posted by Kartida Anik

    I’d visit a doctor. My sister had this kind of depression and she had to go to rehab cause she eventually got more serious problems. there are some doctors’ numbers. Good luck!

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