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My signs

Hey guys,
I haven’t got my period but I have loads of discharge and I have hairy armpits.
Also my friends have way smaller boobs than me and way less pubic hair, my vagina is covered!
Am I going to have my period soon?
Love Katie_cat

  • Posted by LULU MACHIEK

    WEll depending on what color the discharges are my answeriswaitand see

  • Posted by Hayley


  • Posted by Anonymous

    you probably are gonna get it soon!! if ur worried about getting caught off guard, you could keep a few pads on you just in case there arent any available when it happens, and if you havent already, practice using a pad so yk what to do! <33 good luck 🙂

  • Posted by koala_lover

    you are probarbly going to get ur period soon as of ur signs

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Katie_Cats,

    First periods are a bit of a waiting game! Keep an eye out for when your discharge turns into a brownish colour, cramps & feeling a bit irritable. They’re signs your period is super close! Keeping a pouch full of pads with you will mean you’re always prepared! 🙌🏼

    Check out this blog HERE to learn more.

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Hayley


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