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Need help with school work!

I need some help

I’m currently in year 9 and i’m getting a heap load of work, and i’m always not motivated to work at all. I have spoken to someone at school and used to have a therapist, and i have no idea what to do! I have a silent room at school that i would go to sometimes to do my school work, but it’s not always available. I’m really scared that i’m going to fail this year (i have already failed maths)

Any advice? x

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Oh girl, I’ve been there!

    High school can be especially stressful as assignments & responsibilities begin to pile up. It’s also a time when our hormones are going a bit cray thanks to puberty, & this can influence our emotions. Sometimes even the smallest thing can feel overwhelming.

    It’s important to take a breath & keep talking it out with your friends, family or teachers. It’s so good that you’ve already spoken to them. Talking can not only help to lift the weight from your shoulders, but also help you organise your thoughts & find the root of the problem.

    Maybe try to find another quiet place at school or at home to study? Successful studying is all about finding the right method which works for you. I was all about chilled music & lots of highlighters! Try not to be scared, I’m confident you can do this!

    Gem x

  • Posted by embo

    try asking your friends for help (1 of my mates has dyslexia had I help her with her maths, English and science work)

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