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New School, Questions x 100000

I started at a new school last term, and it costs money for my parents to send me there, I’m in year 6 and there are kids with their OWN computers!!! And phones! One kid broke his arm and the first day he came back he had a computer for typing! I asked my teacher if the school supplied them, she said no, and that it was his home computer. If I had a computer and a phone and I went to a private school, I’m afraid my parents would run out of money, but the teacher says I’ll need one for next year and I don’t know how to ask my parents for a computer if the family doesn’t have one lying around! HELP! I can’t get my head around how some kids parents have SO MUCH MONEY even if they pay to sent their kid to school!

  • Posted by Sally Pearson

    Hey Eddy,
    I know exactly how you feel. I’m in a family of 6 with two sibling that have disabilities and I know we don’t just have money spend here, there and anywhere to spend. But when comes to thing like this you just have to tell them(and I know that can be scary). One way you could tell them is to get your teacher to tell them.

    i hope this helps

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