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No boobs and no period at nearly 14

Since year 7 (I’m fresh into year 8) I have had major self confidence issues resulting in my body. I have no acne, not one pimple, decently toned and a normal body weight and I still haven’t gotten boobs or my period. I don’t swim in front of others anymore. Every time I’m with my “friends” they find the smallest bra in the world and laugh “you couldn’t even fill this” and “you probably have some disease because all the girls in our grade have got their period”. The girls in our year are very open about things like periods and boobs, etc. My mum got her period halfway through year 7, and had about an A or B in at the start of year 8. The rest of the women in my family have had really early periods (year 4 and year 5) and I’m confused about why I’m so late! It really has me down. I don’t even no what to think. I’m trying to tell myself I’m more than my body but it’s hard you know? I can’t wear certain clothes that others wear because I don’t have a chest to fill it up with. I will sometimes get cramps and things like that, and my mum says my period could be any day now but honestly I given up hope. It’s also a bugger dealing with the bullying and stuff, girls have an obsession with their tits sometimes and I’m just like “hey!”  One of my friends is flat as a tack like me and has gotten hers for about a year! Shame hey, why can’t u be normal?

  • Posted by Girly_girl

    Heyyyyy. So just give it a few months. You will grow. It just different for every female. There is no need to feel ashame. If you dont get your period after or before 16 , it is best to see a doctor. But in the meantime just know that everyone grows differently….

  • Posted by Hannah Sluice

    I’m 13 and in a Few months turning 14 (almost year 9) and I only just got mine but before I got it I thought I was doomed and I was never going to get it because everyone in year 8 had it but it happened eventually!!! Lol

    So just wait lol I know l’m saying what everyone else is saying

    Don’t worry

  • Posted by Pink Milk

    Everyone gets their period at different times, even as late as 16. So it’s perfectly normal if you haven’t gone yours yet. Don’t worry what other people are saying, cause you are you. You’ll probably get it in a few months time 🙂

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