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Not growing :(

[b]Basically, I started growing breasts like at the end of last year (I was in year 6) and now I’m almost through the year (2018 – and I’m in year 7) and my breasts have kind of stopped growing. One of my closest friends has big boobs now and my other friend has smaller boobs than me. I don’t know what to do because I know that they couldn’t have stopped growing completely right? I had my period this year and I’ve done my research and different sites say that your boobs will begin to more prominently grow after getting your first period. [/b] [b]What do I do? I have no clue why they have stopped growing and I’m so scared!![/b]

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer


    You shouldn’t worry, everyone grows at different rates! I think it’s a continuous process, but I feel like sometimes you grow really quickly through things like growth spurts, and other times really, really slowly… I think they are growing, but so slow you don’t even notice. Don’t worry about it! 🙂

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Everyone’s boobs grow at different rates. I have friends who’s boobs grew really quickly until they got their period and then we’re finished, I have friends who got their period but still only have breast buds, and they havent really grown past that yet. I have friends who have been growing their breasts at a steady rate ever since they started developing, despite their periods. For me personally, I got breast buds, then about 1 year later they grew to a small b cup, then I got my period, and about 7 months later I grew to a d cup and now I’m growing rather quickly. Basically, it’s different for everyone.

  • Posted by Nikiya Reeve

    Omg same I hope I start growing soon

  • Posted by VenusSky Sky

    I read somewhere that your boobs don’t stop growing until your mid 20’s, your just probably not having a growth spurt right now and they are growing slowly. Don’t worry too much about it, your body knows what it’s doing ^^

  • Posted by Pigmy_Coconut_Tiger

    Same w/ me but my chest is flatter than Nebraska. Lol.
    Take things at your own pace, we all grow at different rates.

  • Posted by Poppymeow

    Same! I’m ten yrs old and in Grade 5. I was born in 2009, so i should be in Grade 4. My chest started hurting around last year, and then my mum told me that i had started puberty.

    [Few months later~2018-2019]
    My breast buds had grown slightly and they still hurt, but not as much as when I started. This was just a normal stage of puberty.

    [Few months later\now]
    My breast buds had stopped hurting. (Well, one of them had) They had also stopped growing. So right now, I’m stuck with one hurting and two not growing breast buds. You’re not solo, girl!

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