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ohh boy

at school are of the girls have boobs and I fell awkward because I don’t and they all tease me except for my friends and there’s this boy that I like but I don’t think he likes me because I don’t have boobs please help me .

  • Posted by shaylah olsson

    Your not the only one that’s the same with me. That happened to me at my old school but I didn’t get teased.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girlfriend!

    Our bodies are unique & breasts come in all different shapes & sizes. They can grow quickly or more gradually & it can take a few years for them to fully develop. This is totally normal!

    Typically your breasts will bud when you start to go through puberty. Which can occur somewhere between the ages of 8 & 15, & the puberty process usually lasts 2 years, but not always. It can take as long as 5 years for all the changes to take place. You may even find you go through other physical changes before your boobs develop. Everyone is different & there’s no set plan with development unfortunately! They will grow when your body is ready.

    As for this boy, if he only likes girls with boobs, is he REALLY someone you spend time on? I’d be saying bye Felicia! There are so many more boys out there who will love you for you – not your boobs!


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