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I’ve been thinking about my first job, should I babysit, do fast food, or both? I’m very confused

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Heidi, That’s great that you have been thinking about your first job. Working is a fantastic way of making some money so you can save and put it towards something you really want.
    To be honest, there is no right answer here. The best thing to do would be the pick your first job that you have been wanting to do, it may be baby sitting or working at your local supermarket! The thing is, your first job is may not be your DREAM job at all, however it is a great experience, and you will meet lots of new people. You find you don’t enjoy it, then there is no problem with leaving & finding another job that you might like more. Ask your friends for their experience with jobs, they will have some good tips & tricks! x

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