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Pain with Tampons.

I’m 12 and on my 3rd ever period. I’m part of my local swim club and it starts up next week, ao I thought this week (I’m on my period) I would learn how to insert a tampon, so by the time the next period come (and I will have swimming club) I can use one. My mother bought me Tampax Pearl Regular ( They have applicators ). I opened it, read the instructions carefully and then searched online for extra help, learning to insert it at an angle, use a mirror, etc.  I attempted to insert the tampon and was met with excruciating pain, like I was being stabbed. I assumed I was doing it wrong so I tried again and again, changing the angle every time. I knew I had it in the right place, I had seen with a mirror and I could definitely feel it was in the right place but as soon as I began to push it in the pain would start. The next day i tried again, met with the same results, worse actually. I have asked my mum but she keeps saying ‘stay calm’ + she doesn’t really know how to help since she never used tampons. I am staying calm, but it’s getting harder to do seeing as each time I’m terrified of how much pain I get.  If I manage to even get the tampon in it hurts really badly, I’ve seen that maybe I haven’t pushed it in far enough, but when I try push it in more it hurts even worse and it ends up falling out – or I freak out and pull it out and it creates even more pain. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with my vagina?

  • Posted by lily9283

    Hey babe I’m also 12 and I had the same problem when I was on my period. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with ur vagina. It could be that it is awoken and you have a ‘yeast infection’ I googled it and it turned out I had a heart infection. Hope this helps! XOXO Lily??

  • Posted by Guineapigs99

    Hiiiii! I haven’t started mine yet,but I like to research these things! 🙂 So from my research (since Im such a nerd) sometimes you have to wait a year before you can use one. It says something about like your still young ( I know this is weird but ) your still a virgin. I mean hey, it’s ok but yes it is weird. I hoped it helped!!!!! Btw I’m 11 if your wondering….hahaha

  • Posted by Natalie360

    Hey I’m 14 and I started my period when I was 12. I had exactly the same problem and I found it easier to buy ones for a light flow because they are smaller and you can also buy teen tampons, but don’t worry it just takes some practice x

  • Posted by Jazothea

    I’ve found that the mini tampons are best to start with. My younger sister has had the same problem as you and I think that it’s just that you are possible too young. Relax, know that you just need practise, or just wait until you feel ready again xxx

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