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Parent trouble

I’ve always had really good grades in school like 90% or higher but I’ve been struggling at history because it’s in French (I speak French but history’s SO boring) so I had a test basically guessed on all the answers and I got a 75%. When I told my parents they screamed at me and forced me to do a makeup test. It made me feel really bad because I tried hard and they only like it when I get 90’s or higher which stresses me out a lot. What should I do?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Zoe!

    If you’re finding school & the pressure to get good grades stressful, definitely chat to your parents about it.

    Take a deep breath, find a good time to chat & then just be open and honest about how you’re feeling and I’m sure they’ll be understanding.

    At the end of the day, they just want what’s best for you!

    Let us know how you go. 💗

    Love Gem x

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