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Period confusion and Cramps

Hey,  I am 14 and have had my period now for 4 years and am pretty used to it. They have been really regular since my first period and i have never skipped one. For the last 5 cycles i have become really irregular, becoming later and later. This is really weird for me and i am not developing my period and have had a strong regular period for years.  If anyone can help chookas to you! Also any advice on really bad cramps as well, i have always had terrible cramps.

  • Posted by KiwiGirlHelp

    Have you changed your diet or been stressed recently or anything? You said really irregular but what do you mean? Like is your cycle just gradually getting longer? If so, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about

  • Posted by GuineaCat

    I always have a hot water bottle when I have cramps, there used to be a Libra range of heat packs (lifesaving mini portable hot water bottles) but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. I hoped this helped.

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