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Period storage

Hiiiiii! I was wondering if it’s wrong to have a massive period storage, I’m 12 and I have draws field. A lot of girls have said to me I need to throw them all out

  • Posted by Kayla.xo

    No its not wrong at all to have a lot of products and if other girls are saying you should throw them out don’t listen because you will need them quiet a lot through-out your life and its good to be prepared with lots of products xx

  • Posted by Bedazzle

    I never had a period storage when I was that age, cause I was young enjoying life. You’ll have your period for such a long time that i never worried about it when i was that age. In primary school we got pads and samples which helped. It wasnt till after i got my period that i storaged some away for spares.

  • Posted by girl03

    I had a massive period product storage for so long before I got my period. My mum would just buy them on special even though she knew I didn’t have it It helps!!! cause like sometimes you just get discharge and wear a pantyliner or something. But trust me its better to have a big storage because when you get it you wouldn’t want to be caught without anything. That would suck!!! so good on you and good luck xxx

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