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Please help!

Hey, I need some help I have been get quite a bit of discharge and it making my knickers really gross How do I ask my mum for pantyliners or how did you girls ask your mum for them? ?

  • Posted by Gurlll

    So I have had discharge for about 1 year now and I have had liners for a while now since I was ruining my underwear, just ask her for some unless your uncomfortable then say to her that you r getting discharge and then keep complaining then ask her if there’s anything that can help with the discharge and if she doesn’t say anything about liners then kinda say to her I dunno if I want liners but it’s just so annoying, then after a few days tell her that is is too much of a pain and you want liners or just tell her at ur local supermarket.

  • Posted by Mazie_Kate

    Thank you for your help I ask her and she said yes and she got me some today!❤️?

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