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So I have had it twice. But haven’t told anyone not even my mum I don’t know how too..  I’m about to get it in a few days and have nothing for it….  I’m just 13 buy 1 month so [i][b]PLEASE HELP! [/b][/i]

  • Posted by ily

    You should tell her. Why don’t you want to? If it’s too hard to tell her than I guess that you can ask your friend for stuff?

  • Posted by ily

    You should talk to your mom or a doctor before trying to lose weight but a lazy hack is to just drink a bunch of water. It will supress cravings because your stomach will be filled with water. It also might  help clear you skin up! Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make the first move. Keep up good hygene and smile a lot.

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