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So I really like this guy, but I am REALLY OVERWEIGHT AND I have skin problems which cause red scaly dots all over me.. ?? I’m 160cm and 70kg or 155 pounds.its obvious that I have a lot of extra weight I just don’t know how to lose it.  Anyway I really wanna lose weight so he will notice me but I have tried and I’m not motivated enough.. I need some tips of how to get his attention without being obvious that I like him

  • Posted by Bianca Mathews

    Hey, first things first, you shouldn’t feel like you need to change your appearance just to get some guys attention. Guys should like you for who you are, not what you look like. At the end of the day you don’t want to end up with someone who will dump you over a pimple!! To get him to notice you, you just have to talk to him. Yeah this may be nerve racking, but I think it would be more awkward trying to get someone’s attention by doing cheesy stuff like twirling your hair, cos let’s be real, that only works in the movies.

    Just talk to him every now and again, you could talk about school and try to find other common ground

  • Posted by gabby923

    Um I agree w bianca, love isn’t about looks, and if it is u need to find a new guy. if u really want to lose weight tho, like if its a health issue try eating less and doing excersise it works really fast but u get really hungry

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