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please help me! urgent problem

so about a month ago, about 3-4 days before my period i got a very sore tummy (not cramps) like a sharp stabbing pain. it was up the top of my tummy and then it also was sore in the lower right of my tummy. i ended up going to the hospital and they thought it was appendicitis but then they did a ultrasound and said my appendix looked fine. so they sent me home with no answers. and about a day or 2 after my period it stopped.

then a couple of days ago (again about 3-4 days before my period) the same pain has come back. it’s still in the same spots and this time it’s a little more constant pain. i also get really lightheaded when I stand up and things start going black. I’ve been to the hospital again but they still think it’s nothing. My friend told me about endometreosis and i did a bunch of research on it and now I think it might be that. so i was wondering if anyone here has had endometreosis or currently has it and how can I know if this is endometreosis? also if you’ve had it before and got it treated, what did they do to treat it? I’ve heard of surgery or medicine cures but the most common medicine used it the oral contraceptive pill but I’m already taking that to help with my acne.

please anyone that has any advice or help i would be so thankful xxx

  • Posted by LARA SMITH

    What side at the top is it? It could be unrelated to your cycle. Do you have a good GP?

    • Posted by Leanna Jayne

      it’s on the left side of my chest, but still close to the centre. And it’s also on the left side at the top of my tummy (like right at the bottom of my rib cage). yep i have a good GP and I saw him today, he thinks it stomach acid/acid reflux but I don’t think that’s it.

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