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Please help with friendship

So, this is a bit of a long story, so sit back. Please, cause I need advice. If you don’t care enough to read it through beginning to end, than I probably don’t need your advice   So two girls and I were in a best friend group together. And it was great, we went swimming at my friends house (on a lake), went to the beach, talked, and were really close. But problem: two of us were older than the third, so the next year, two of us went to middle school, and the third was in still in elementary, and we got less close, I felt guilty for not hanging out with the third as much. And halfway through our first year in different schools, the third friends dad died. It was hard, and her parents had been devorced, so she went to live with her mom (nearby). His funeral was again, and I don’t know how to start hanging out with her today, because I really love hanging out with her but we are not going to the same school and she is too young for the activities that we use to do, and also her mom isn’t my favorite person. So heeeeeelllp!!!   The fathers girlfriend thought I was the best, but now she has had to cut contact with her almost daughter, the third friend because her relationship with the mother wasn’t the best.   At the funeral the girlfriend hugged me and started reminiscing about the pictures on display there. Because I was in or there when they were taken. I have so many mixed emotions I don’t know what to do.

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