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Please I need your help!

Hey, girls, I know this is off topic but anyway so about 2 months ago I talked about a cat that walked up our drive (she was a stray) and my mum didn’t want her but I managed to convince my mum to keep her, Now fast forward to now we think she pregnant and my mum said if she is going to take her to the rescue centre and I don’t know how to convince her this time either because she has stuck to her word I don’t what to do I love my cat so much I have been looking after her since May, (Btw her name is Kit Kat) Please help

  • Posted by Sophia Flavell

    I see what u mean, we need to save that kitty!
    You can tell your mum they can sell the kittens online and make money off them? That would be sad tho.
    I’m not helping, am I?

  • Posted by embo

    wait till the little pussies come then try convincing your mum I mean who can’t love a little ball of fluff I know this does not help but if you have to give some up the kittens have a higher chance of getter a new home than kitkat also If you can get the kittens friendly first they will have an even higher chance of getting a new home 🙂 🙂 🙂 good luck

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