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so :
i’m 13
my boobs started to grow at 11 and a bit
i grew like A LOT the past year (like 10+cm)
i’m kinda underweight (43kg, 165cm)
no period at all !
some discharge – like sticky white stuff but no actual blood ?
not very sporty / active
why haven’t i gotten my period yet ? i did some research it said that most girls typically get their period 1-2 years after breast growth, and 6-12 months after discharge.
can someone please help ?
thanks so much !
also, any tips on how to GAIN weight ? i’ve tried many methods online but none of them worked … ( apparently your BMI influences your period ? )

  • Posted by alice c

    try not to stress too much about it 🙂 i think it usually happens when your body is ready

  • Posted by madison white

    I’m the same omg I thought I was just a weirdo

  • Posted by Billie Dean

    dont worry about beig underwait im overwait

  • Posted by Clarice Wright

    I think your body is still growing so don’t worry if you haven’t had your period yet

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