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so :
i’m 13
my boobs started to grow at 11 and a bit
i grew like A LOT the past year (like 10+cm)
i’m kinda underweight (43kg, 165cm)
no period at all !
some discharge – like sticky white stuff but no actual blood ?
not very sporty / active
why haven’t i gotten my period yet ? i did some research it said that most girls typically get their period 1-2 years after breast growth, and 6-12 months after discharge.
can someone please help ?
thanks so much !
also, any tips on how to GAIN weight ? i’ve tried many methods online but none of them worked … ( apparently your BMI influences your period ? )

  • Posted by alice c

    try not to stress too much about it 🙂 i think it usually happens when your body is ready

  • Posted by madison white

    I’m the same omg I thought I was just a weirdo

  • Posted by Billie Dean

    dont worry about beig underwait im overwait

  • Posted by Clarice Wright

    I think your body is still growing so don’t worry if you haven’t had your period yet

  • Posted by Abby Smith can help you.
    she did a great job answering my questions!!!

  • Posted by Jennifer Hwang

    wait thank you to everyone who responded to my topic… i really appreciate it.

    so, actually I got my first today so thanks guys !!!

  • Posted by Tanya Chadfield

    ph hun. periods come when your body is ready. dont force it. dont evn stress about it. if you are nervouse ask to see a gp

  • Posted by Brianna Marriott

    If you haven’t gotten your period yet just relax and remember how lucky you are.
    My aunty got hers at 16 so it just depends on you😁
    And so what if people think your under weight I was for quite a while before i got my period but now i am a really good weight.
    Just remember that some girls take slightly longer to mature and gain weight it all apart of growing up😊hope that helped

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