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so :
i’m 13
my boobs started to grow at 11 and a bit
i grew like A LOT the past year (like 10+cm)
i’m kinda underweight (43kg, 165cm)
no period at all !
some discharge – like sticky white stuff but no actual blood ?
not very sporty / active
why haven’t i gotten my period yet ? i did some research it said that most girls typically get their period 1-2 years after breast growth, and 6-12 months after discharge.
can someone please help ?
thanks so much !
also, any tips on how to GAIN weight ? i’ve tried many methods online but none of them worked … ( apparently your BMI influences your period ? )

  • Posted by alice c

    try not to stress too much about it 🙂 i think it usually happens when your body is ready

  • Posted by madison white

    I’m the same omg I thought I was just a weirdo

  • Posted by Billie Dean

    dont worry about beig underwait im overwait

  • Posted by Clarice Wright

    I think your body is still growing so don’t worry if you haven’t had your period yet

  • Posted by Abby Smith can help you.
    she did a great job answering my questions!!!

  • Posted by Jennifer Hwang

    wait thank you to everyone who responded to my topic… i really appreciate it.

    so, actually I got my first today so thanks guys !!!

  • Posted by Tanya Chadfield

    ph hun. periods come when your body is ready. dont force it. dont evn stress about it. if you are nervouse ask to see a gp

  • Posted by Brianna Marriott

    If you haven’t gotten your period yet just relax and remember how lucky you are.
    My aunty got hers at 16 so it just depends on you?
    And so what if people think your under weight I was for quite a while before i got my period but now i am a really good weight.
    Just remember that some girls take slightly longer to mature and gain weight it all apart of growing up?hope that helped

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    I wish I could give you the exact time & day when you’ll get your first period, but I can’t. Nobody can. But don’t worry, it will come! Our body works on its own schedule, so all we can do is wait & be prepared. The different stages of puberty & your first period can occur at different times for everyone.

    You’re well into the first few stages of puberty, like breast development & discharge, so I’m sure your first period is right around the corner! Most people experience their first period around the ages of 12 & 14, but it can occur anytime between 9 & 17. You’re right in the middle! If you notice a brownish tinge to your discharge, then get ready, your period is super close! You may experience some signs before your first period arrives such as cramping & irritability. So keep an eye out! You could always pop on a liner just in case so you’re covered if it does come, I’d recommend a Libra Extra Protect Liner. You may also notice a slippery wet feeling around your vagina once it’s arrived. Don’t worry if it’s only light & lasts just a few days, this is totes normal.

    It can take anywhere between a few months to a year to become more regular.

    The best way to be prepared is to keep some pads with you in a little bag. That way you’ll never be caught off guard! We suggest our Libra Girl Range, they’re specially designed for smaller bodies & have the same amazing absorbency as our main range. I hope this helps!

  • Posted by Izzy Kems

    hey girlll, this may not even be useful but I know a lot about losing and gaining weight. im actually trying to lose weight and I just have a lot of health issue that don’t help me lose weight buttt I do also know quite a bit about gaining weight!!
    People often think that you get “fat” from junk, sure you might but there can be a million of other reasons as to why someone is overweight. so its kinda the same for gaining weight. so eating just a load of junk n like lollies n chips n crap wont make you gain weight that’ll just make your body unhealthy. eat carbs like potatoes and pasta n like just crap in really high carbs. n also try not to skip meals because whilst it doesn’t make you lose weight which you don’t want to do it also stores the fat cells so your body can run on them because you skipped a meal. foods: potatoes pasta salmon and any oily fish nuts and stuff like peanut butter. red meats rice protein shakes (the mixes can be quite expensive so like frozen fruits and milk will help) dried fruits avocados eggs anything dairy so cheeses yoghurt. there’s heaps more too. also try and do exercise. mainly muscle because you’ll be gaining muscle so it’ll look “good” i guess i dont know. but i know that if you wanna lose weight you gotta do a mix of cardio n muscle because the muscle will take place of the fat. exercises: anything that will gain you muscle. so like dumbells, weights, if you wanna build up your booty squats help and curtsey lunges. I know its not a lot of help but yeah. but i can say try your best not to skip meals even if you’re not hungry atleast try eating something light.

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