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PLS help me

I have started to get hair under my arms, and since I do ballet, I really need to get rid of it. My mum has always said that if I ever want to get rid of underarm hair, I should just ask her. But I’m worried that she will say that I am too young to, or that she’ll tell everyone. I found one of her razors and started doing it myself, and I’ve never had a problem yet. But a few times she has noticed that it’s not there anymore, and I think she is getting suspicious!
What should I do?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi CircleCat16,

    We all reach that point where we want to start shaving & have to have the convo with mum. I’m sure she’d be totally okay with you wanting to shave your underarms. Especially since she asked you to let her know when you were ready. She may even already know!

    You need to get your own razor, so it’s time to have the conversation! Just explain to your mum that because of ballet, you’re ready to start shaving. You can even say you want to keep this on the down low & not to tell anyone.

    You got this girl!

    Gem x

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