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I have started dating this guy, but I feel like he only wants to date me because of popularity and to make others jealous. I have a lot of friends at my school and they all thought it would be really nice to get this guy to ask me out (This guy being my crush) and when he actually did I was so happy, because I thought he liked me for me and not because people pressured him to ask me, (at this point I didn’t know that my friends had been telling him to) Then one day, I saw my friends talking to him in the quad, I was a bit suspicious and please don’t judge me for it but I listened in on what they were saying and they were telling him to kiss me after school on Friday, he said that he would and now I am freaking out!! One, I do not know how to kiss a guy and two I am worried he is only dating me because of other people and I do not want to make a fool of myself!! Please help me!

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