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Hi guys,
So I am a gymnast and I have a competition and it turns out I get my period the day before my competition the first competition before my big nationals exiting!
So I am not aloud shorts unless they are the uniform shorts over my leotard and mine have not arrived yet . I have only had my period 3 times one was early and also we don’t wear undies with our leotards because they show and come out and you can see them then we get points taken off of our score. I don’t know if I’m ready to wear tampons yet or not what is your guys thoughts on this I haven’t used tampons yet tho…

  • Posted by Anonymous

    I don’t know much about this as I haven’t started my periods yet, but although it may be scary you could try a tampon? Other than that maybe see if a pad will work by just putting it straight on your leotard. It may make crinkling sounds though😬 I’m not sure, try talking to your Mum or see if you can buy some underwear that match the uniform? Hope this helped! Good luck!

  • Posted by Alexis C

    Hi! So I know how you feel I dance as well, my advice would be to ask a trusted woman in your life how to properly insert a tampon then go for it when you know how to properly and safely put it in. But it all depends on, 1; how long you have had periods, 2; if you feel comfortable and if you feel like you understand how to put one in!

    Hope this helped!

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    Thanks guys this helped lots mum didn’t seem to think I was ready for a tampon when I asked her so I ended up cutting the wings off of a pad and it seemed to work but felt uncomfortable I feel like I am ready for a tampon but mum doesn’t 😓😯

  • Posted by Akira

    Hi ruby
    I’ve done gymnastics so I know this can be hard, depending how long your comp is maybe bring pads but while your doing your routine put a liner straight in your Leo I hope this helps good luck I hope you make it through!

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    Thx guys so much!

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