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Question regarding breast augmentation surgery

Has anyone undergone [url href=]breast augmentation surgery [/url]? I am planning to undergo this procedure. I am getting married in December. My breasts are shapeless and uncomfortable for me. I want to look good on that day. I would like to know if there is any downside to this surgery. How soon can I get back to my normal life?

  • Posted by RILI Annny

    If your under the age of 25 this is not a good idea. Your body hasn’t finished devaloping yet and thos may cause other health issues. Remember dont ever have surgery because your partner wants you to have it! You have to learn to love the body that you already have before you make changes because you want them! This is very important to remember!

  • Posted by Charlie INkster

    DON’T do it. they cause debilitating symptoms and your muscles and joints hurt you are always tired and most people suffer from autoimmune conditions and have to explant. It will ruin your life. If your partner isn’t happy then leave him it’s not worth a life of pain and misery just to have big boobs. you are enough.

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