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Reconnecting with a group lead by a toxic friend

One of the first friends i made at my new school about two years ago has gradually started to treat me like i’m not even there let’s call her Grace. I’ll try to catch up with her when walking to class but she’ll ignore me and start talking to someone else in the group. I’ve also drifted away from that friend group naturally as iv’e had subjects with other people but i’m still quite close with two or three people in the group. But whenever i come back and hang out with the group i feel as though i’m not a part of it anymore because Grace has become a bit of a HBIC. So whenever i try to reconnect with the group i feel like i’m almost being left out. Grace has started to hang out with the group and not invite me to hang out with them which kinda hurts. Should I try to reconnect with the group or make stronger bonds with the new friends that I’ve made?

  • Posted by A Weirdo

    Definitely bond with your new friends! I remember when I first made my first friend, she started to not like me after about 3 years and I tried to bond with her more and just reconnect with her and up until today I regret that so much because I missed out on all the other great people and friends I could have hung out with but i was just to clingy to this friend who made me follow her around and just took/takes advantage of me.
    not until 2-3 weeks ago, I decided to make some new friends they are so kind and caring, they have made my life way more easier. xx

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