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So there is this guy. We aren’t dating but we are sort of a thing and basically while I was on holidays he was very clingy always messaging me even asking about like what we were/are, when I go back I saw him and we hung out. Since that night he has been distant and I tried messaging him and we talked a bit but he kept asking why I messaged him and everything like I wasn’t supposed to idk if that makes sense. Anyway why is he being like this all of a sudden, has he changed his mind about us or is he being insecure? Should I message him and ask him because I feel like if I message him I’m just bothering him.

  • Posted by anongirl123

    Hey, the exact same thing has happened to me. Message him and just ask him what’s up the worst thing that can happen is that he will leave the message open and won’t answer. If he does answer tell him how you feel (if you do like him) and try to have a conversation with him about it, maybe he found someone and doesn’t want to hurt you or maybe he realised that he was being clingy and wanted to give you space? Let me know how it goes xx B

  • Posted by elmo1521

    Hey, thanks girl. Since we have talked but like he is so hot and cold, like he says he wants a relationship but idk. I picked him up while he was drunk and took him home and like he was saying he cares about me and stuff but like its like he is scared about committing to something with me and I don’t get why since we both have shared our feelings towards each other before but now he acts like that never happened. While I was out he sort of acted jealous that I was with guy friends and sent me a message saying “go get with one of your guy friends then”. I’m sort of hurt that he told me he wanted us to be a thing and that we were going to be official then just changes his mind or acts like he doesn’t want that anymore and I honestly don’t know what to do? xx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hi, if you’re sure you like him, you should ask him how he feels, and maybe go from there. If you’re still pondering, maybe he’s not for you, and you should maybe just be friends. If you don’t know, maybe wait a little longer and see how you feel. Also, try to find out from him what he thinks. Good luck!

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