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Scared of texting?

Sorry this is basically a rant but any replies would be much appreciated. Since last year I have been talking to a guy on my bus through messenger, he’s a year older but mentally a 3 year old and although he’s tried to make moves in the past I’m really not interested at the moment and not with him but I’m scared to tell him that. Anyway over this summer I’ve just stopped looking at his messages but he keeps messaging me. I can’t block him or tell him to piss off because I’ll have to see him everyday for the next few years and I sit near the back by him but it’s become a problem. Every time I hear the messanger notification my stomach lurches and even my normal text anxiety isn’t that bad. It’s put me off talking to anyone over messages because I feel like they’re going to read into every little thing I say and I’m so scared of talking to him because the last time we had a full “conversation” was a game of truth or dare (cringe I know but I wasn’t completely okay with it) I was asking vanilla questions but he went straight into personal stuff and I didn’t exactly want to reply but something compelled me to (fear?) and after the conversation ended I felt sick because now he has a lot of personal details, things I wouldn’t even tell my best friends and after that I cut off all contact and avoided him completely but I’m terrified that he’ll try to start a relationship or even just another “conversation” and I think that’s where it stems from, in completely stuck and now I’m even terrified of other guys acting the sameness way even ones that I know wouldn’t put me through that. Any advice?

  • Posted by Hebstar13

    Dont over think things, be straight up with him. Have normal conversations and if he tries to make a move or ask you out say you like him as a friend and that you hope it doesn’t change anything. Sure it’ll be awkward for a bit but you’ll be back to bus buddies in no time. You shouldn’t have to be so scared about messaging him. If he really was a friend he’d listen. If he doesn’t he’s, a douche and doesnt deserve the time of day (and you should sit at the front of the bus then). Honestly your worse off feeling scared and anxious all the time then confronting these types of situations. Speak your mind and dont be a coward.

  • Posted by Roxykat

    @hebstar13 thanks, I’m not great at confrontation but I’ll try to be honest and hopefully it’ll go well ??

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