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Seeing family HELP

Okay, so every year on boxing day me and my family go to see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Thinking about it gives me so much anxiety because for the last 4 years that I’ve gone to see them I always sit around awkwardly doing nothing. I barely ever see my extended fam so when I do it’s almost like I’m re-introducing myself. This is bothering me since xmas is so soon. My cousin had her formal and i sent her a message and she said she misses me but every time I go we just have a quick exchange of “hey” and “how are you”. I’d feel like a bad person if i didn’t go but I absolutely dread going to see them. I NEED HELP PLEASE x

  • Posted by OkaySage

    Hello, I’ve been where you are. Going to see family whom you don’t have a lot to talk about with can be stressful and can make you dread holidays! what can be helpful is for you to initiate and talk about things that you like maybe one of your family members will open up to you more. I still have anxiety when i go to my aunt’s house and we still don’t say more than hello to each other but some family members just don’t click that way. I picked my cousin to break the ice with and now it isn’t so bad because i know altleast my cousin will be there. Start with your cousin and talk about clothes if you like or a new movie that just came out. Seems like there needs to be an icebreaker. what’s the worst that can happen if you open up? anxiety? check so there is nothing to loose. good luck and you are perfect the way you are! love and light!

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