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I know this sounds ridiculous, but i want sex! i have so many guys that have been like lets have sex and im such a player to be honest like i dont date but if i liked the guy lots i would. But i just actually want it, is this bad? but im worried if i have it ill get pregnant.

  • Posted by Cheeky123

    I want it too! Every girl does at some stage.

  • Posted by girly_xo

    Well, lucky for you girl I have already taken that step! I’m 15 and when I started going through hormones and periods the thought of sex was definitely on my mind. It is really nothing to worry about. I know I started doing it a little early on. But if you feel you are ready then go right ahead! It is not a bad thing! All girls will get the curiosity you are experiencing right now. The down sides are yes, it hurts. It hurt a lot my first time, but after your first couple of times you won’t feel the pain and it comes as pleasure. There is always a possibility of getting pregnant and don’t trust any guy who says he will pull out. I have recently been through a pregnancy scare because of not using protection. I actually started my period tonight! Never be afraid to try new experiences with sex. I am bisexual and have experienced with both guys and girls. If you are too scared to go through with anything, never force yourself. You would always want to ease yourself into intimate situations. MOST IMPORTANTLY never let a guy/girl force you into doing something sexual that you are not comfortable with, they may intimidate you but you can always stop them and say no. Lol i can relate, I don’t really get into relationships with anyone. It’s just to complicated! But I feel for you being scared to take that first step into having sex, but really. It is nothing to worry about as long as you play SAFE!

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