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I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I don’t really have anyone I feel like I can talk to about this. So I’ve decided to post this here.
I’m a 15 and a half-year-old girl and I’ve always figured I’m straight because I just kinda expected that’s what I’d be. I know I’m not lesbian, because I’m not like not attracted to guys.
I also know I’m not asexual in the conventional sense of being completely and utterly against all sexual things because I’m not grossed out by the concept/prospect/possibility of sex.
I think I feel similarly towards both guys and girls. Objectively, I can see that both men and women are attractive. And I know that I can find both men and women sexually desirable (though mostly with men who are also celebrities who are much older than I, but that’s a whole different issue).
But when I think about actually dating someone (like a girl at my school or a boy I know/have met. I go to a single sex school fyi), I don’t really see any appeal. I don’t really think “oh I wanna kiss them” or “I’d really like to date them”. This isn’t to say I haven’t had crushes, I have, I just haven’t really been interested in anything more than that.
The weird thing is, I like the concept of dating someone, but I don’t actually care about it when I think about it actually happening.

So yeah, I’m quite confused about myself and whatever weird sexuality I have.

  • Posted by lucia andrew

    You could be aromantic?

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Or Pansexual?

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Or pansexual or bisexual?

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