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I’ve started shaving my pubic hair and i keep on getting ingrown hairs and shaving bumps, is there anyway i can prevent these and what am i doing wrong. is there a better way to do this. thanks xx

  • Posted by Starsplay

    You should never feel like you have to shave. Lots of girls don’t shave their pubic hair, but if you want to, then that’s fine too! I would say, instead of a razor use a pair of nail scissors but be VERY CAREFUL, you don’t want to hurt yourself. If the problems continue, you should tell your mum, or another female figure, or go to see a doctor. Good luck!! <3

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi annon, we wrote a blog post all about the Hair Down There. Give it a read, you may pick up some helpful tips!

  • Posted by Jassicajons Harly

    My older sister advised me to immediately pay attention to the wax about shaving. Because from a razor, the skin deteriorates very quickly and there can be a lot of ingrown hairs.Now I use this cool thing Carnauba Wax Brazil Flakes

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