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Should I be worried about my late period + PMS symptoms?

Hi, My period has been 3 days late and I’ve been having PMS symptoms for 2 weeks+ before I get my period I get insomnia, headaches, decreased urination, cramps, increased appetite, etc. Two weeks ago today I came off a 23-hour flight and I think it has something to do with that as I heard travelling can delay periods. I’ve been having to get up every day at 4am after finally getting to sleep at 2am having the urge to go to the bathroom. This past week or so I’ve been needing to go to the bathroom around every hour – it’s usually around 3 hours (I can usually go longer). Green tea always helps my period come faster (I usually drink it every time my period is near) but I cant get it at the moment as I’m on holiday. Every day I hope for it to come as it seems like the PMS symptoms are getting worse. My period has just started becoming regular except for this month. Does anyone think this is something I should be worried about?

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