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Should I tell him?

So, I kinda like this boy and I don’t really know if he likes me but if he tries to make me laugh and looks at me quite a bit does he like me. But should I tell him even though I am scared and how do I tell him?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Clarice,

    Crushes are exciting & nerve-racking! Talking to you & making you laugh is a really good sign that he wants to get to know you more & that he likes spending time with you.

    Putting yourself out there when you don’t know how the other person feels, can be scary. But it can also be super rewarding! You may end up with an amazing boyfriend!

    Like anything in life, you won’t know unless you try. If telling him about your crush is a little too daunting, you can always just get to know him more. You might be able to vibe if he likes you back. You could always ask him about who he likes & see what his answer is?

    Good luck!

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