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Show Suggestions Please!

Hey girls, I’ve just subscribed to Stan & my period is right around the corner. I’m going to curl up with a hot water bottle & relax on the couch. Only problem is I have no idea what to watch first! Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Posted by unicorns_r_real091

    Hi Gemma!

    Although you may have finished your period,
    I really like “The Good Place” and “Gilmore Girls”
    They are great shows to binge!

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi unicorns_r_real091, Thanks so much for your suggestions. My period may be over but I’ll still give them a watch!

  • Posted by CircleCat16

    The Good Place is really great. I also recommend Modern Family or Brooklyn Nine Nine

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    I loveee The Good Place! Thanks CicrleCat16.

    Gem x

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