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Sporting girls.

Hey all, [b]I want you girls to list what sports/hobbies you do.[/b]  For instance I race motocross competitively against other women as well as men, plus I play netball 3 times a week!

  • Posted by Janey13

    I play touch and swimming competiveoy and socially in summer, as well as softball,netball, soccer etc and play weekend netball.

  • Posted by lilyriekert

    Mostly swimming, some gymnstics and weekends horse riding

  • Posted by CoFFuzine

    I play three- four games of netball a week and play footy once a week

  • Posted by embo

    I sail (competitively) every weekend and ski (non-competativly) in winter

  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    I play netball once a week and tennis 3 times a week.

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