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Starting high school

Starting highschool can be scary ,no matter if you already have friends also going to te highschool. Everybody is different and might have different fears or no fears of highschool at all. It can be very scary wether it’s making new friends your worried about or the work load or something else. What ever it is you will find your self in no time looking back and questioning why you ever had a worry in your mind. If it’s making new friends you are worried about, just remember everyone is in your shoes. They will most likely be nervous as well, but it’s up to them wether they show it. Just remember you are a cool and smart individual, and there is hundreds of new people to meet you are bound to find atleast one person that is just like you. If it’s the workload on the other hand that your might be feeling a bit anxious about then, just remember you can always ask the teacher for a little extra help if you are struggling. There’s no need to be embarrassed because that’s most likey the first time that has happened to the teacher. I have always been scared of the older kids and afraid that they would bully me. Bullying is something that sadly happens everyday. But make sure not to change your personality to make friends or to escape from bullying. Bullies can be really scary but remember to always tell an adult or teacher or friend you trust because they can always help. Make sure the last thing you resort to is violence. im not an expert on bullying but you sn always go to sites and learn more about this. If there is anything else that your scared about just ask me or maybe if you have an older sibling or you can confide in your guardian aswell. Highschool can seem very scary but is most likely not what it appears to be. It’s nothing like those cliche highschool movies. I am actually starting highschool this year. I have 7 other siblings and 6 of them have been to highschool these are some of the tips I know and that will prepare me for the year. My sisters have been captains of the school and know everything there is to know about secondary school. I may know some questions that you would like to know if not I’ll ask my sisters for you. I hope these tips help you bye xx

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Thank you for these tips! XD

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