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Still having irregular periods

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have been getting my period for about a year now but they are still different. One month it might be really light and I don’t bleed much then the next it’s heavy and I have to change my pad or tampon lots. Is this normal or should I see my GP? It’s just kinda freaking me out.

  • Posted by Jordan Mooar

    Mine is exactly the same and I have had it for almost a year to. Sometimes I miss a month and once I got it with only a two week gap but ithe all seams to be fine

  • Posted by Nicole Summer

    Yup that’s how it’s been. I talked to my dr and she said it’s just normal cause I’m so young and my ovaries are still developing. She says it could become more regular over the next year but every one is different.

  • Posted by Jordan Mooar

    Oh that’s so good to know. Hope yours gets more regular soon 😊

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Nicole,

    How heavy or light your period is can change over time, & this is normal! ❤️ If things feel unusual or you want to learn more about your unique cycle, chat to you GP.

    Gem x

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