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Stopped growing breasts?

I started growing breasts at 11.5, and I just turned 13 in June. However, they haven’t grown since the first growth. Should I be worried?

  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    Hey the same exact thing is happening to me I started growing breasts early at 10 but I stopped and I am 13.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girls,

    It can take a few years for our breasts to fully develop. They come in all different shapes & sizes, some can grow quickly or more gradually.

    As much as we want them to be bigger or smaller, there’s nothing we can do to hurry them along. Our body has its own plan.

    Just like our boobs, we’re all unique! What’s important is to celebrate & love what we’ve got!

    If you want more info, check out out Puberty or Am I Normal blogs.

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