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stories from the first day of school

so, this is just a quick rant/story, but enjoy.
i go to a private school, and my parents are extremely strict on me. anything below a B and i’m grounded for god knows how long. so on the holidays, my dad asked me to try on my winter uniform to make sure it fits – i have the pants (which i had to beg my parents for until they finally gave in) which are usually a bit tight, because they’re fitted. if i had the skirt, this entire disaster could have been avoided. anyway, so of course i didn’t try on the uniform during the holidays because the holidays aren’t meant to be spent thinking about school. and so arrives the dreaded day: the first day of term 2. we’re in for the long-haul…twelve weeks of school before another 2 week break. anyway, i’m getting dressed and i notice that my shirt is a little tight. not a big deal, right? i can get a new one after school. i then get my pants and put them on. ‘oh,’ i think to myself. ‘they’re a little tight, but it’ll be fine.’ spoiler alert: it was not fine. i was not even half way down the stairs before the button on my pants popped and my pants fell down to my ankles. i was mortified, even though nobody was there. i ran back upstairs with absolutely no idea what to do. we didn’t have sport that day, and we weren’t allowed to wear our summer uniform…oh well, i guess sport uniform would just have to do. at this point i was already fifteen minutes late for school. i grabbed my breakfast on the way out the door and rushed to the train station, narrowly avoiding missing my train. the next one wouldn’t come for over another ten minutes, then i’d really be late for school. upon arriving at the train station, i noticed officers checking people’s tickets. crap. i couldn’t find mine. that wasn’t good in any way, shape or form. i quickly hopped onto the train, hoping they didn’t notice me. of course the one day i didn’t have a ticket the inspectors were there. by some miracle of our lord and saviour shresus christ (look it up) i didn’t get noticed. all around me people were getting booked and fined and i was too nervous to even look at my phone. you’d think that would have drawn attention to me, seeing as i was fiddling with my hands, looking around nervously and rummaging through my schoolbag pretending to be busy. again, it was some miracle that i didn’t get booked for that. i promise i’ve learnt my lesson: i will always have my ticket on me at all times. anyway, so the first day of school went by without too much trouble (except for my design teacher “just following up” on my overdue homework. i promise i’ll get it in eventually! actually, i probably won’t and just hope he forgets about it. oh and my english teacher continuing to despise me even though i get the top marks in my class. actually, not to brag, but i get the best marks in the entire school, kindergarten to 12th grade). when i got back from school, my dad asked me why i was still in my sport uniform. i explained that my pants were too small for me and i just stayed in my sport uniform all day. he then proceeded to tell me (sarcastically, but keep in mind i’m a teenage girl with an already low self-esteem and body weight issues), “oh, looks like someone needs to go on a diet. not just lose weight, but actually go on a diet. my parents have always been extremely anti-diet, going on and on about the health issues that a diet can cause. and they’re totally right! i avoid diets at all costs. i watch what i eat and i exercise, but i can’t help if i put on a bit of weight over the course of a year. yes, you read that write. a YEAR. did my dad seriously not expect my body to change at all over an entire year since last wearing the uniform? i’m not even sure if he meant it sarcastically. it was probably some way of hinting that i’m overweight. and you know what really sucks? just that previous day i was feeling actually really good about myself and my body, and now that’s ruined. thanks, dad. anyway, thanks for reading my little rant. there will definitely be more.

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