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Stuck in the friendzone

So this week I told the guy I like that I like him and we’ve discussed it and he said that he values our friendship too much to try anymore. His reasons are understandable and I get where he’s coming from I’m just a bit of an emotional mess because of it and I have no idea how to feel. He was really kind about it and complimented me on other things to soften the blow which was sweet of him. I’m just a little upset that he only wants to be friends but I’m also relieved I finally know where we stand, proud that I actually told him how I feel and a bunch of other emotions and I’m just sort of all over the place

  • Posted by lily9283

    Hey there  Maybe he likes you back but he’s just afraid that it will ruin your friendship and it’s ok to be sad but stay strong. Remember everyone loves you no matter what! Good Luck ??

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