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Tampons! Urgent!

Gemmah please help me!!!!

So I am a dancer and luckily I have only had 1 period fall onto a day when I had a class, but I’m on my period now and it’s going to be on a day when I have class, the last time this happened I just asked to sit out but I don’t want to do that anymore because we have a competition soon, I have had my period for 2 months, is it ok for me to wear a tampon yet or should I wait? Please help, my class is on Wednesday!

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Alexis!

    Tampons are a great way to manage your period & you can start to use them whenever you feel ready to!

    If you do decide you want to start, our new Libra Girl tampons are perfect for beginners as they are smaller, shorter & designed for growing bodies. Give our blog post a read as well. It’s full of handy tips!

    Remember, practice makes perfect!
    Let me know how you go & if you have any other Qs. 💕

    Love Gem x

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