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Teen fashion ;)

Hey all

So i have been wondering what kinda clothes you wear?? I am in middle school (year 8) and was wondering what kind of brands and styles most people wear…. all of the tc’s (too cool’s) wear cleavage revealing tops (it shocked me at first) and crops with booty shorts and some others wear baggy shirts and trackies. I have no idea where i fit in on that spectrum and was wondering what ‘normal’ teen girls like to wear out on wknds and hols and where you shop.

i shop at cotton on, supre, jay jays etc but mostly stay clear of the strappy midriff and cleavage revealing tops and short shorts…. is this the same for y’all?

weird topic, i know, but if you wanna start a convo, then go ahead!!

xx jeanie

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Just wear what you feel comfortable in.

  • Posted by shaylah olsson

    at my school we have to wear a uniform I may only be in primary school (year 5) but just wear comfy and what you want to wear aka #cotton on

  • Posted by Beaux Jones

    Hey Babes im in year 9 & i just wanna let you now u may wanna follow the crowd & fit it but wear what makes you happy who cares what they think, you do you and let them be them because your probs not gonna see them after schooling years so have fun & go with the follow

    also good luck in school xx

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Definitely go with what you feel most yourself in & of course, most comfortable! We all have different styles – so it’s just about finding what you like & what feels right for you.

    Some ideas of brands that come to mind for me would be;
    – Cotton on & Cotton on Body for activewear
    – Glassons
    – Supré


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