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This is really random

Ok so here is my random question, about 2 months ago a cat walked up our driveway she was pretty skinny so I feed her now…… she kinda lives with us? she even sleeps on my bed every night, my problem is my mum doesn’t like her she says to me basically every day that I should just give it to the animal rescue because she is just a waste of money I try to tell her that I am happy to pay for her food I even clean her kitty litter box but she doesn’t want to hear that, Idk what to do or say please help I really love her ❤️ btw Her name is KitKat

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Mazie, Aw that’s very nice of you to look after the cat. Hm, this is a tricky situation. I guess after all it is your parents’ decision as you are living at home still. Try and speak to your mum about why you love having KitKat around & how you will look after her & feed her & care for her. Your best chance will be to try & prove to your mum that you can look after KitKat.
    Good Luck! x

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