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Time Management with School and Daily Life

Do you have any tips that I could use to manage my time properly, I have tried making plans but I can’t follow them. How do I balance my life with my school work?

Reply please ASAP, really need tips and assistance ❤️

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Bella,

    I’m with you! Managing your time can be HARD! It’s a skill, so practice makes perfect.

    Try using a calendar to plan your time, then focus & try your best to stick to it. Don’t stress if you find yourself straying from the schedule, we’re human & sometimes things just don’t go to plan. It’s also important to remember to take breaks to recharge & refocus. They help a lot!

    I’m a fan of making lists with a pen & paper, but you could also use your phone or I’m sure there’s some great apps out there.

    Stick with it, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

    Gem x

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Hey Bella!

    I go to a school where there is no bell, and we have to manage our own time to get to class on time. At first, I found this hard, and I also had trouble outside of school managing my time too. I found that setting reminders on my phone for when I needed to do something helped a lot and that also studying and doing homework with friends over facetime or in-person can mean you have fun, but you still get the work done!

    Hope this helps!

  • Posted by embo

    my go-to is as soon as we are given any work for homework (or assessments that have to be done at home) I get home sit down and do it get my mum to proof read when she gets home and submit. This is good in a few ways for me, 1 I live in a crazy world of regattas and horse shows and have like no weekend time. 2 it’s done I can then forget about it. 3 it’s done, I have found that if 90% of your work is submitted early your teacher is far less likely to be upset if something is a day late or you need an extension. If blasting it out in an hour isn’t your style I can suggest setting an alarm for the same time each day and when it goes off stop what you are doing and doing 20 minutes. Also for me if something is taking longer than my sit down and do it style I always make sure that it is done more than 48 hours before the deadline this way 1 I don’t stress about getting it done when I should be thinking about my next race/class 2 if there is an issue you have time to fix it. I’m not sure this is the sort of thing you are looking for but I hope it helps

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